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Photo by Dmitriy Ganin on Pexels.com

I would be the crazy cat lady
for sure
I am obsessive to a large degree
and tend towards collections
so collecting cats would seem
to be my jam
except for
my major cat hair allergies
and the fact that I find
hairless cats
to be less than cute
(they may be all that for some
but not me)
the catless crazy cat lady
that I am
has gone all in
on house plants

every window screams with
my hoarding of all things green
and they are much easier to live with
than cats
they don’t need
a litter box
Just occasional watering.

Too bad
I am not good at growing things
and have windows full
of dead things
in pots of dirt
While the neighborhood cats
roam my lawn
happy that they

dodged that bullet.