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Photo by Jeff Stapleton on Pexels.com

What if I water the houseplants
with the cup of water I used while watercolor painting?
Will the leaves pick up the
navy blue
the magenta (I use too much of that)
and turn a murky purple brown?

What if I drive the long way to work?
Will I get there faster, even while driving further?

What if I skip working at all
and instead lie in the grass and stare at the clouds
floating above?

What if I forget about eating healthy just for today
and go to that crêperie that just opened?

What if I bring a treat over to that dog who lost her eyes?
Will she smell it and know it was a treat?

What if I ran at least one mile for one hundred days in a row?

What if I wrote a million words this year?

What if someone actually read those words this year?
would I be committed?

What if I painted the tree outside my window one hundred days
in a row?
What if I put my phone down and didn’t pick it up
for a hundred days?

What if I wrote a silly poem for one hundred days in a row?
Or asked a slew of stupid questions, and called it a poem?