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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The land here is on a hundred-year floodplain
the insurance agent explained why we could get
flood insurance
but friends on the ten-year floodplain
would pay so much more.

It seems there is also a fascist plain
Every hundred years or so
Fascism threatens not just
the ten-year places
but the world
All of us are in danger
from this uncontrolled storm
even when we cannot see who is the
eye of the hurricane this time
(Maybe someone has flown in
and knows who,
but it’s not quite common knowledge)
The storm threatening
racism and the supremacy of people based on skin tone
control and power, most of all

The storm is coming and
the edges have already hit parts of the world
the center of the storm
fickle as to where it will strike inland
Europe, Africa, as usual?

Or maybe a new fascism plain
in the western hemisphere
it’s also a hundred-year plain
and it’s our time.