Should I learn to paint flowers
if I won’t see any until spring
they have left us
for the warmth of the southern hemisphere
so all I will know of them
are photos
and videos
and the sketches in the book of botanical painting
but if I learn to paint flowers
could I be more beautiful
from observing their beauty?

Should I learn to paint people
if they are driving me nuts
with their divisiveness
hatred, racism, and fear of losing
what is not theirs to start with?
they are not leaving
not anytime soon
could learning to paint
lead to learning to forgive
if not love?

Should I learn to paint my dog
if I will never be able
to embody love and loyalty
like he does?
Or will he teach me those things
as I look into his eyes
to catch what he sees?

Or should I learn to paint
for no other reason
then I have paint
and paper
and time – and not burden
art with the task
of teaching me to be a better person.

Or does art do that naturally with no intervention
or intention?