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Photo by Andre Moura on Pexels.com

When life gives you lemons, They say
you should make lemonade
that’s what They say, whoever the hell They are

All I know about They, Them, is that
They have haunted me all my life and
the utter dichotomy of my mother telling me
what I should do, wear, eat,
because They say I should do this, wear this, eat this
and did I watch this, or listen to that
They say it’s amazing and that if I was anyone, I would follow
all of Their advice.

And in the very next sentence, ask
if my friends jumped off a cliff, would I follow them

I was too respectful —
no too timid, too scared of losing love (if I really ever had it)
to say what needed to be said

At least I knew my friends.
I have no idea who They are.
And also, I hate lemonade.

(This is my 250th day of posting poetry – Thanks to all of you for following along with my little experiment!)