No, I promise, this won\’t spur on another blog. I have my 4.8 blogs to keep up with. I don\’t write enough on the one\’s I have, don\’t need any more, thank you kindly. But I am experiencing a Restful Waters feeling of peace.

I\’ve been rewriting a huge chunk of the WWII book and it\’s finally all coming together. There have been at least four different endings, with different combinations of marriage and children and it finally dawned on me. The story ended about thirty thousand words before I typed the words the end.

Can you say, Not Good?

Like figuring out how to start a book, I think figuring out the end of a book is just as hard. I guess for mysteries, it\’s not that hard, you solve the crime and book done. But for something like this, where I have the stories of the main characters mapped out for the next twenty years, it came as a shock to learn that the story I\’m telling in this book ended oh, before the war.

So, with that in mind, I finally figured out the way to get all the main characters together for a great ending that didn\’t sound too phony or forced. It brings in all the skills of the characters that I have been cultivating and showing off all through the book. I guess I just wasn\’t paying attention to my own fiction.