Lesson learned. Sunday\’s aren\’t good nights to plan on blogging. If someone were paying me and it were a job, I suppose I could make it more of a priority. But it\’s the NFL playoffs. The final feast of football before the famine known as basketball and hockey season. And the Olympics. I am probably the only person in America who cannot stand to watch the Olympics on television. Now if I were to be given tickets, good seats, etc, I could be persuaded to watch in person. But I\’m just not a spectator lately. It\’s like life is too short to watch everyone else have all the fun. I have things I want to do. And people to do them with.

But we\’re supposed to be spectators, aren\’t we? Isn\’t that why there is such a glut of fan paraphenalia out there? Even things we could do ourselves every day, like Nascar. I know, we can\’t drive 200 miles an hour in circles everyday, but we drive. We just don\’t get paid obscene amounts of money for people to live vicariously through me.

I would rather get my vicarious living for free. Checked out of the library. Or at Barnes and Noble. I\’m just waiting for my Pride and Prejudice action figures. Mr. Darcy rides and swims.