There\’s a country song I heard once, \”If I had a nickel for everytime I wanted you back …. I\’d have a dime. One thin dime.\”

Lately, if I had a dollar for every piece of spam that has offered me cash, I wouldn\’t need a job. Today\’s offerings, not including Christian Home mortgages ( I\’m not sure if the loan company is Christian, they only loan to Christians, or most likely, the house itself must be saved… haven\’t asked my house yet, I\’m afraid of it\’s answer). Anyhoo, today I\’ve been offered at least 40K in scholarship money. I\’m guessing that either Duke University or the College Board has sold a list. But with forty thousand dollars, my oldest son could at least eat at college. He would be up to his armpits in spam. And since he\’s already five foot seven at age 12, that\’s a good sized pile of spam. Even for Monty Python fans.

It\’s amazing that junior high humor remains forever at the junior high level. I found Monty Python in junior high, where my classmates, at least the male ones, would re-enact entire skits over and over again during lunch. (and classes too, but I don\’t want to be a bad influence.) Now my two sons are doing the same thing. Like a cycle. The giant wooden badger doesn\’t loose its luster, even after thirty years. I guess no one ages in Camelot. The spam has too many preservatives.