10. No annoying phone calls from irate Republicans who want me to vote for their candidates in the primary Saturday. I can\’t vote in the primary anyway, I want to be able to sign the petition for my favorite independent candidate for governor.

9.The children are sleeping all snug in their beds.

8. Email is sparse.

7. When you answer someone\’s email at 5 am, they think you are supervirtuous.

6. Guilt free naps at one in the afternoon!

5. Dog has no expectations of being let out every time a car drives by.

4. Work uniform for morning writers: fleece robe and fuzzy slippers.

3. Husband wakes you up anyway, no point in sleeping for another hour and a hslf and feeling worse.

2. New coffee maker.

1. I\’m getting about six pages edited each morning, as well as finishing moring pages and two blog entries. Productivity rocks!