The best way to realize the pleasure of feeling rich is to live in a
smaller house than your means would entitle you to have.
— Edward Clarke

In an effort to prove correct this theory, we are downsizing our house this weekend. Our children\’s friends don\’t believe it.

Actual conversation.

\”You\’re moving to a bigger house, aren\’t you?\”

\”No, smaller. 800 square feet smaller. Like cutting off this whole section.\”



Long, pregnant pause. \”That doesn\’t make sense. Why?\”

I could see the gears turning in my inquisitioner\’s head. It made no sense to go smaller. Although, we did have plenty of room in the old house. Too much room. Except for holidays, who needs two kitchens? and I would much rather spend the extra cleaning time writing. Lord knows, I have my own little blog universe to keep up with. I would have more time to regale my six regular reader (thank you, thank you) with more comments to disagree with.

I am sad about giving up the fifteen by sixteen room I get to use as an office. But I\’ll get over it. More excuse to go out to my favorite coffee shop with free wireless internet, Tuscany\’s.

But that is 800 square feet less to dust, vacuum, mop and other related tasks. At least an extra hour a week to squander on the latest VH1 best of show.

Today is Saturday, and the Story Factory is closed until next Thursday due the coming relocation. Have a great week.