I\’m still waiting for James Earl Jones to call me. He should be calling any day now,to let me know that our dsl service at home is ready to go. He hasn\’t called yet, and I\’m bummed. But not as bummed as my dog, who is stuck in the house because we don\’t have a fence yet.

Thing is, when I called, the friendly customer service person assured my that my internet connect would be ready the same day my telephone service was. Lies. Then, when I tried to call and find out what the deal was, and why the little dsl lights on my router weren\’t blinking the way they\’re supposed to, the happy lights, the computer generated voice referred me to a website! ARGH! I would be happy to visit your website….fix my dsl and I\’ll be there!

On the plus side, without internet access, things at the story factory are moving right along. Nothing else to do at four thirty, so I really have to work!

But just some friendly advice to the Friends of Mr. Jones: Talk to each other, eh? I\’d be lessed stressed if I knew before hand it would be an extra week.

And Mr. Jones? I\’m sitting by the phone, waiting for your call….