Not that there is ever a good week to be brain dead. But some weeks are better than others. This is not one of them. Besides getting ready for a garage sale and all the fun associated with that, permits, ads, pricing and what not, I have a school presentation on Wednesday, dentist on Thursday, a book that needs to be set up for a printer, and the beginnings of a newsletter. I had one thing scheduled for Monday.

I\’m 0-fer. Yep, one thing scheduled one thing missed. Because I have some great new characters in my pea brain and they\’re being awfully greedy with my time. This, while being good, is not really good, because I\’m not sure what use these characters are yet. Time will tell. But they are demanding and this is not good. Because I have, you know, stuff.

Anyway, I\’m starting to wonder if anyone will pay for my manuscripts at the garage sale…