Ideas for the next two projects are flying fast and furious. Here is one that is sure be included in the political satire. And did I mention that this is a hard time to be a political satirist, since real life is stealing all the good punchlines?

A friend of mine was told that he thinks so much, he probably burns calories and that\’s why he is so trim. As we talked about the ridiculousness of the comment, it occured to us, we could solve two of America\’s biggest challenges with one plan.

The thinking diet.

Fixing both obesity and stupidity. Multitasking, if you will, the American way. I can already see my diet guru, a tall skinny fellow with fluffy blond hair and a George Hamilton tan. Couple of face lifts. He creates an entire collection of DVD\’s with his thinking man\’s diet. Of course, he isn\’t really smart enough to think for himself, so he enlists the help of a local professor of anthropology. The prof gives the dvd\’s actual content, so as the dvd\’s fly off the shelves, the consumers are being instructed to actually use previously untapped mental abilities and apply them to current events. Which naturally leads to a revolt against the First Thinker/Decider.

pondering on…