Progress isn\’t made by early risers. It\’s made by lazy men trying to
find easier ways to do something.
— Robert Heinlein, Time Enough For Love

So I get up early in the morning not to make progress, but so I can justify going to bed early in the evenings and taking naps. The only progress I can say I\’ve made is several really good ideas. Met with someone yesterday and played with the idea of doing a non-fiction project together. Based on Deuteronomy. Which if you say it fast sounds like it too could be a Russian novel. It\’s the book Jesus quoted more than any other, so there is definitely something there.

Maybe it\’s a form of spring fever. I\’m not finishing the things I\’m supposed to be finishing because it\’s not harvest time. It\’s planting time outside here in North America (I toss that in for my reader in New Zealand) and things are sprouting all around, so why not let the season dictate and let new ideas sprout up inside as well? I have all summer to bring other things to fruitition. But to let these little idea seedlings have enough mental soil to germinate, to show a little green above the surface. My son is studying some of this stuff in school this month and we have talks about it as we walk to school past the wild flowers and the grass leaving it\’s winter dormancy behind. We walk and talk, then sneeze, since we\’re both massively allergic to spring and its pollens.

But the ideas are resting, they are taking in the outside sources I\’m feeding them and I have no idea what is going to come out of them,if anything. But there is definitely some good idea work going on. And there never has been a cure for spring fever.