You\’re Hawaii!

When they first meet you, few people can tell whether you want to say
hello or goodbye. Either way, most of them will end up saying that you\’re their favorite
person to visit, if only they could afford the trip. But your soft and warm image is
belied by an explosive undercurrent in your personality than can leave you drenched with
tears or boiling with anger for days on end. You are rather fond of using plants as

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You\’re the College of William and Mary!

There are people who are known for living in the past, but
you make them all seem like futurists. Heck, you even make the Amish seem
futuristic. While you\’re busy with the past in your mind, you\’re also
careful to save a little room for work and, even more recently, some time
for amusement parks. Though you seem to be quite a private person, you
actually like publicity. You weren\’t the first person in your family with
your name.

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You\’re an Owl!

Old and wise, you have a thirst for knowledge and a reputation for
making the right decision. This can be a lot of pressure sometimes, but you seem
so relaxed and unruffled that it never seems to show. You always keep your eyes
wide open and fixed on your next objective, or on the Harry Potter books, which
you love. The only question you ever ask is \”Who?\”

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