It’s taken me a bit of time, but I have come up with my theme for April. Since my resistance to finish my current novel is stronger than the will to work on said novel, I will post a reason I have not written for each letter of the alphabet. And since part of my procrastination will include my site visits to other blogs in the challenge, I will try to find a blog that begins with that letter and link to it as well.

To demonstrate my committment to the process, I did purchase a nifty keyboard for my ipad mini, so I can blog from my office guilt free. As a state employee, I can use my work computer for incidental things, but if my blogging makes me incredibly famous, I can get fired as an ethics violator. Then again, if I get famous for my little blog, who needs the day job anyway? And it is definitely a day job and not a career. There are no trophies for “Best Administrative Coordinator Ever” right?