a-400Is for

Anker, which is the brand of keyboard I bought for my ipad mini, presumably so I could blog at work. Which I have done exactly zero times so far. The problem I am working through is that the equals key (=) is where the delete key should be. And I don’t type very well, so I hit delete quite a bit, or with this keyboard, =  quite a bit. Which doesn’t work to well. Other things that have kept me from writing today include:

Animals that I am pet sitting. Two cats that I am allergic to , therefore…

Allergy medicine. Can’t stay awake long enough to even think about the WIP.

April fools day. Let’s face it, who can write when there are all those great pranks out on the internet.

Amazon, because my order really should have shipped and now I am

Anxious to find out why it hasn’t.

Administrative Coordinator. That is what i get paid to do so instead of writing in my pajamas, I got to go to work today and watch people panic about how the eggs for the egg hunt were not filled yet.

A Blogs I visited today:

http://elizabethmueller.blogspot.com/  – Love the ponies!

http://anita-joy.blogspot.com.au/ –  Inspiring quotes