These are all the reasons I didn’t get any work on my novel this week that begin with B.


Blocked. But I really don’t believe in writer’s block. Usually if I am unable to think of something, I am steering the ship towards an iceberg and must be stopped. Blocks are my friends.

Beagle. The beagle however, can be my nemesis. Never mind that the other members of the household let him out to do his business and bark at the neighbors before they left for work at 5:30 and 5:45 am, the Beagle insists that I must get up and let him out at 6:10, when I can really sleep in until 6:30. Or it could just be jealous that the Beagle has twice the Twitter followers that I do.

Baseball season. Not really an excuse, since I don’t watch games.

Bills. Yep, gotta work a day job to pay them, then I have to use my precious free time to acutally log on and pay them.

Basic needs, like bathing, chores, a clean house. Hmmm. Maybe I should hold on to that one for my “O” page. Obsessively Clean house. The more closer the deadline, the cleaner the kitchen.

Blogs. Yes, they are an excuse. Must. Read. All. The. Blogs.

Most of all, BATTERIES! I have had to change the batteries in both my mouse and my Bluetooth keyboard while typing this post.AA-Battries

Shout out to my writing group, the Blue Baker (writing) Bee. Like a quilting bee, only with words and great sandwiches.

The 5 B blogs I visited today…