And we all know that Computers are the ultimate tool for procrastination.

Connection to the internet is also know to impede writing.

Another excuse this week, Cats, that I had to pet sit.It wasn’t too long to get there and feed them, but it was enough to block the flow.

If I wasn’t allergic, I could sit in the cats’ apartment and write there, like a real writer, with cats and all. But if you give a writer a cat, she would probably want to post pictures of the cats on the internet. And if she posted cat pictures on the internet, she would have to go to the store to find some cute outfit for the cat to wear. And if she was at the store, she would find the cookie aisle and buy some cookies. And if she bought cookies, she would want a latte from the coffee shop next door. And if she went to the coffee shop to get a latte she would run into a writer friend. And if she sat down with a writer friend, they would get to talking about their current projects and waste the words Chatting instead of Writing. And if a writer has a conversation about writing, she will need to look up something on the internet. And if she looks up something on the internet, she will find cat pictures. And if she see’s cat pictures, she’s gonna post some of her own…

C blogs visited…. (This blog does NOT help me procrastinate!)