Continuing my A to Z list of reasons I am not writing my book…

Unorganized! Because, if I was organized, the U post would come before the V post, right?  But while I have a form of organization, it’s not really organization. More like sorted piles. Or sordid piles? I get the two confused.

It’s not the lack of organization that keeps me from my work, but rather, the search for some organizational miracle that is going to fix my work, get it published, unclog my pores and make me three sizes thinner. (Because that’s a thing now, clear your clutter and lose weight.) So like any good American, I have been to the Container Store, IKEA, and every office supply shop in a fifty mile radius searching for THE plan, the way to organize the stacks and stacks of papers and notebooks in my office. There isn’t one, naturally, and at my age I know that. But I am the Don Quixote of organization systems and I will continue tilting at windmills until I win.