Continuing my A to Z reasons for not getting my writing done…

W is for Wine. I know that there are writers who write while under the influence of their favorite adult beverage, but for me, two sips and the six words on the page are so good, why sully them with any more? Yeah, drinking and writing does not work for me and I have to give kudos to anyone who can hold a plot together while being under the influence. Then again, how good could the stuff be if the writer wasn’t under the influence.

W is also for Words. As I have read W posts in the A to Z Challenge list, I am struck by how many writers love words. Maybe that is my problem. I don’t love words, not too enthusiastic about beautiful language. I’m a story girl. Just tell me the damn story and keep your flowery descriptions somewhere else, they are getting in the way of my imagination. Words are tools to be used. Sure they can be pretty but they have to get the job done, or they are just sitting there. Even in  poetry, words are highly effective tools, which each word doing the work of twenty. So it’s really funny that I am not so smitten with words. Maybe that’s why my novels tend to have 150,000 of them. They are just trying to over run me.