Believing that it was statistically impossible to write 52 bad stories, Ray Bradbury instructed writing students to write one short story a week for  a year and that they would be better writers. To inform their writing, they were also instructed to read

  1. One short story every day.
  2. One poem every day.
  3. One essay every day.

So that is the challenge I will be posting. Because I am two weeks in and need more accountability to get through the year. The posting goal is the daily reading log, mostly the story and the poem. For the essay, I have a series of books that are forty days of readings from specific writers. I am reading 40 days with Parker Palmer right now.

On Sunday, we’ll call it Story Sunday, I will post the really bad story in all its ugly glory.

I am working my way through the The Poetry and Short Stories of Dorothy Parker.

Today’s Poem is To A Much Too Unfortunate Lady, which warns a woman about the danger of loving a man more than he loves her.

Today’s Short Story is Big Blonde.