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While I am happy for the day off, this is supposed to be a day to reflect on justice, equality and the lack thereof in the world and especially this country. (Looking at you, USA). The last few autumns, I have had to listen to the War On Christians, regarding the Pledge of Allegiance. Seems the words “One Nation, under God” have a lot of people worked up, on both sides. The phrase was added in the fifties, while we needed to set ourselves apart from the Evil Red Communists during the Cold War.

I think we need to obsess over another line. With Liberty and Justice for All. Seriously, no one talks about that one. I think this line needs to color all of our political policies. I would love to ask the presidential front runners “How does your policy increase Liberty and Justice for All?” Not just the rich, not just the white, not just corporations. All.


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Poem: Paths

Story: From the Diary of a New York Lady.