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When I was 8 years old, Santa (via my dad) brought me my first watch, a Timex that needed to be wound each day. As I wore it Christmas Day, my dad remarked that the watch was going to be helpful, but what I really needed was a calendar and a keeper. Funny, even at age 8, I had the tendancy to get lost in whatever thing I was doing, usually reading a book, and would be late to just about everything. This continued pretty much until I was in high school band (If you are early, you’re on-time. If you’re on-time, you’re late, and if you’re late, you’re in trouble.) I was usually on-time for band and jobs after that, but still was obsessed with planners, planning systems, and calendars in general. I was that kid in middle school and high school, with color coded planners and calendars.

College soured me out on planners, as I was surrounded by a crowd devoted to the DayTimer. If it wasn’t in the DayTimer, did it really happen? But as much as I could appreciate the system, it was so sterile. Those green and white pages in front of everyone at meetings. Ugh.

Fast forward to about 2014 or so. Enter the Bullet Journal. Talk about your rabbit holes, I was Alice. But as much as I loved the whole idea of making pretty spreads, etc, who has that kind of time? Besides those who do their bullet journals for a living on Instagram?

In 2017, problem solved, the Rhodia Goal book. I was living in my goalbook until November 2020. It was perfect, with the future log and planning calendars preset, and then numbered dot grid pages for bullet journal fun.

But sometime in August, while reading a blog (https://theshubox.com/) I heard about the Wonderland 222.

Game changer again. It’s actually two books, a planner with places for yearly, quarterly, and weekly planning, and then numbered grid pages for either daily pages or other types of collections. The second book is a numbered grid notebook, which is what I use for the daily pages. Both fit in a nice leather cover that I had for my Rhodia Goalbooks. The W222 is like the Goalbook on steroids. If nothing else, 2021 will be well planned for me.

One of my goals is to do a daily blog post for every day in January. It’s in my planner, so at least it’s planned.