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Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels.com

Good Morning World!

I have so much going for the day job this weekend, but here are seven Saturday links. 

Chuck is a hero. Not only does he have a great blog, but he also writes Star Wars books! 


Here is an excellent place if you are looking for a writing community. Warm, friendly people all trying to make their way as writers. 

Because some of us are rule followers. Catch Part I as well:


Papa Ray (Bradbury) said you should read a poem every day. Here is a great place to find them, and lately, they are featuring new and diverse voices. 


How about some free writing classes from MIT? Or Physics, or my personal favorite, Differential Equations?


Because after all the poetry, I usually need help figuring out what I feel:


So much goodness here: