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Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Pexels.com

Next weekend, the United States will enter into what I think is one of the worst ideas ever: Daylight Savings Time. DST is where we all set our clocks ahead an hour, so instead of waking up to sunrises and birds, we wake up to dark. Supposedly, this “saves” daylight and we can use it in the evenings after work. But it is also spring, and we are getting more daylight after work anyway.

What is so wrong with having daylight in the morning?

Could this be why so many of us have problems with sleep and energy? Our circadian rhythms are easily knocked out of whack, and taking daylight away from our mornings isn’t helping anyone. Just Google better sleep, and there are pages and pages of suggestions. Many of these ideas include getting sunlight when you first wake up, which happens in the spring until we go and screw it up with Daylight Savings Time.

Just not a fan.