It’s Tuesday! Let’s talk about fun gadgets that make writing easier, more productive or just plain fun.

So I was just enamored with these little guys. Not quite sure where I first saw them, but now I have a family of four. Two at the day job and two at home aka The Story Factory. They are little easels that are meant to hold your phone and tablet at the optimal viewing level. Which is great for me at home, as the tablet can become a second monitor for the laptop and the phone doesn’t get lost under all the stuff that accumulates on the physical desktop. And since that tends to be a problem at the day job as well, I picked up a couple for there as well.

The smaller stand works great for the phone, but also can hold a stack of note cards while I go through them, at the right height to read while I type. Likewise, the larger stand, meant for a tablet, can also hold my planner up so I can see it while doing other things. Very handy .

And when not in use, the small stand tucks up under the large so they really don’t take up that much real estate on the desk. Anything that can make my small desks seem bigger is a win for me.