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I did it. I listened to Cal Newport and decided to give Grammarly a try. With 20% off, it seemed like a no-brainer. I’ve had it since about March, and I have to say, it does help my writing. For example, I tend to forget commas and use a lot of adverbs. So, Grammarly does help with those. And, since I have it on my browser, it functions as a spell check for Twitter. That alone is worth the price. Also, if I use the web version of our university email, the browser add-on will do a better job of editing my emails than the Microsoft paper clip or whatever they are using these days.

It doesn’t help much with Word Press, so I compose my blog posts in Grammarly and then cut and paste. I wish it would play nicer with Scrivener, but since I am currently drafting a novel by hand, it doesn’t matter right now. At some point, I will need to type it into Scrivener, but I could export it to a Word file and then let Grammarly do its magic.

Grammarly is free, although I did go ahead and get the paid version since Cal had a code. (http://grammarly.com/deep) It’s for podcast listeners, but you should be listening to his podcast anyway. It’s called Deep Questions with Cal Newport. I am on episode 50, and he recently released something like episode 110, so I am a bit behind.