Photo by Karl Solano on Pexels.com

I’m making a list of ten ideas/things every day for 90 days to become an idea generator. This is supposed to be good practice for seeing story in everything. This is day 28. Nearly a third of the way there.

  1. Why do we have such a weird relationship with time?
  2. How do cultures have such widely varied views of time?
  3. How do time and productivity intersect?
  4. How do time and productivity diverge?
  5. Is the relentlless pursuit to control time uniquely American?
  6. How does the concept of “flow” fit into our concept of time?
  7. Why are we so caught up with the precision measurment of time?
  8. Do other cultures/countries attempt to control time like Americans?
  9. What is the relationship of the Swiss to time? They make precision watches.
  10. Does anybody really know what time it is?