Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

I’m making a list of ten ideas/things every day for 90 days to become an idea generator. This is supposed to be good practice for seeing story in everything. This is day 36.

  1. Who decided Blue was Blue?
  2. I mean really, all the colors. Was there a committee?
  3. Why am i so good at killing non-pothos house plants?
  4. Do I really need all these unsharpened pencils on my desk?
  5. Did i really thinkg that usuing Dixon-Ticonderoga #1’s would make me write like Hemingway?
  6. Will asking these ridiculous questions everyday make me more curious?
  7. How do they decide how long astronauts and cosmonauts stay in the International Space Station?
  8. If everyone is subscribing to individual substacks and social media sites, won’t that divide everyone further?
  9. Will there really be an avocado shortage?
  10. Should I replace the blinds in the front room of my home?