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Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com

I’m making a list of ten ideas/things every day for 90 days to become an idea generator. This is supposed to be good practice for seeing story in everything. This is day 45. Halfway – Whoop!

I am working on a story and am absolutely stuck on where to go next. So, here are ten things that can happen next. My characters have an hourglass that basically turns ten minutes into twenty minutes. What could we do with one of those?

  1. Work projects on deadlines – a reporter would love one of these
  2. Someone with a long commute could leave for work a little later
  3. Household chores could take less time – or you could put a lot more cleaning in a #cleantok video
  4. School kids could finish homework that is due
  5. School kids could use it during exams
  6. Someone on a date could make it last longer
  7. If someone was dying, their family could have a few more minutes
  8. Could come in handy if you were planning some kind of Ocean’s 11-type heist
  9. You could pack twice the information in a TedTalk
  10. You could thank everyone you wanted to in your Oscar speech.

Well, that didn’t get me moving in one direction. Maybe the TedTalk…