Photo by Arshad Sutar on Pexels.com

I’m making a list of ten ideas/things every day for 90 days to become an idea generator. This is supposed to be good practice for seeing story in everything. Today is day 46.

Ten more things I could do with an hourglass that added ten minutes to my day.

  1. Write the story I am working on
  2. Watch Mandalorian again. (in bite-sized chunks.)
  3. Slowly drink a cup of coffee or tea
  4. Walk the dog a bit extra
  5. Read a poem
  6. Water the plants
  7. Organize photographs
  8. Doodle
  9. Do a couple yoga poses or stretch
  10. Make a grilled cheese sandwich.

funny, if I had ten extra minutes in the day, I would not check email.