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Photo by Lara Jameson on Pexels.com

It is an expensive victory
Money and time and documentaries
and very bad movies
An expensive victory

Was it worth the cost?
Was it worth losing global leadership, respect?
(they might say yes to that one.)
Was it worth the pain
Pouring salt in the wounding divide–
haves and have-nots
rich and poor
black and white;
rather maybe white and not white
Was it worth, will it be worth a theocracy?
(again, they may say yes to that one–
that may be the goal all along.)
The Israelites wanted a king because all their friends had one
Is that why — all their friends now have dictators, authoritarians?

At what price victory?
We cannot put new wine in old wineskins
and those worms will not go back in the can
after tasting freedom
The freedom that others
take for granted, not seeing the privilege of being
white, male, rich, powerful
believing that government should be birthright
and not merit, just like the Ivies.
And that they own the world, and the people
wait, are women people to them? or just chattal

one small leak and we all learn Supreme Court precedence.

They say that all that is needed is faith
The Provider will care for new life
Ignoring the irony
that they are saying this from their survival storage sheds

At what price victory?
What good is it to win this battle
and lose a nation?