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Photo by Elina Fairytale on Pexels.com

Dim the lights
Light a candle, one that smells amazing.
(wait, will that drip on the wood table?)
Breathe deeply, all the way to your toes.
(make a note to buy dog food)
Try again
Spread a soft blanket over your legs
(Damn, need to shave, and the toes could use a pedi)
Make sure your shoulders are away from your ears
(What was that? Oh, the Fed Ex guy. Must get the package before someone else does)
Sit, Breathe
(Cobwebs in the ceiling corner, I need to get them dusted.)
Breathe, think about reaching the toes.
(Dog is licking said toes. I need to get him food today)
No, Breathe.
And again I long for a Ritual of Rest that does not come with a TODO list.