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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The heat is too early again this year
This, the time it should only be spring
and I should be able to wear pastel spring jackets and light cotton sweaters
But I have dug out the tanks
since the heat is too early again this year

I hear cash register bells each time the air conditioner starts
we have not budgeted for comfort so early in the year
but yet have so much privilege to budget for comfort
to budget at all
to opt for comfort at all
when so many cannot
and the heat comes too early again this year

My neighbors say it is a hoax, this heat coming early
It’s always this hot in May
historically they are wrong
but they are hysterically right, as it falls in with the rest of their beliefs
there is no climate change, there is no equality, there is none except for people like us.

The heat is too early again this year
and all I can do is wonder if the little I do is enough
or will my grandchildren wake up one day in February
listen to the A/C hum and think
the heat has come too early this year.