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Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

Inspired by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer.

Things I forget to be grateful for:

My car started this morning
Zoom – we love to hate the little boxes but how else to make friends around the world on a budget
The fact that coffee can be made by the potful
(When did coffee become an individual act instead of a community ritual?
The squishy mat I can stand on instead of the hard floor
My dog panting at my feet after a run with my husband
The Texas weather isn’t trying to kill me — at the moment
My computer is running this morning, connecting me to my creative tribe
those who I create with and those that inspire me
The refrigerator filled with food will most likely remain functional today
as will so many appliances in my life.

The things I complain about are most likely the things I forget to be grateful for
The things that are “as expected” do not get the thankfulness they deserve for
just being predictable, steady, consistent
The things that don’t call attention to themselves do not remind me to be grateful

I have to try to remember to be grateful
I have to remember to be grateful
I have to be grateful

I have to be