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Photo by Couleur on Pexels.com

Time flies when you are having fun, they say
Unless you are a frog, then flies are fun if you have the time
Or is it time’s fun when you have flies?
Either way it seems
that frogs know a bit more about living than I do
They don’t waste an evening
scrolling scrolling scrolling
Looking at the curated lives of others
as entertainment
Rather than curating a life of my own.

That said, is anyone else obsessed with the flycatcher
that was on TikTok last night?
It would feed a family of frogs —
no a community of frogs–
(what do frogs come in? Packs? No, an Army)
It would feed an army of frogs
because we all know that troops travel on their stomachs
and this army would be ready to
combat the next generation of flies
that would be born tomorrow
because flies do not have time.