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Photo by Raphael Brasileiro on Pexels.com

Darkness this morning is a heavy cloak
but instead of adding warmth
It removes it
plucking heat from my body
like rotten teeth
and I feel colder in the

Darkness this morning is a pair of boots
heavy, clomping
pinching my toes
and yet not protecting my
from heavy stones on the path

Darkness today is a soaking towel
draining yet more hope
I can almost feel it seeping out my pores, the hope
and adding heft to the dark cotton

Darkness this morning is water
pushing back against the oar
holding the boat in place
and preventing forward progress
with every stroke

Darkness today is pulling me down
as if gravity were supercharged
adapted like an assault rifle to do more damage
more quickly
and yet it does not help me pull my shoulders from my ears.
the ache in the bones another reminder of

Darkness today