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Photo by Trinity Kubassek on Pexels.com

Walt says
(Or so says Ted)
I should strive
To be curious
And not judgemental.

That I should ask questions
and not assume intent, malice, meanness

I have questions–
so many questions–

Why do 18 year-olds need assault weapons
if not serving in the military
or a well-regulated militia?
Would a well-regulated militia shoot children?
Seems that would not be well-regulated.

There I go, getting all judgy.
Does this celebration of “freedom”
really need to happen?
Is it a celebration? Or cult worship?

Oops there I go again. Judgy.
Putting my curious hat on
one more time
and hoping it does not get knocked of
in the wake of a bullet speeding past my head
or the flutter of an adulterated flag

That is sounding judgy too.
It’s hard to be curious
about power, about fear, about hatred
and the real question is
Why does your right to bear arms
(not a musket, mind you, but an automatic weapon)
Supersede my right

To Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
To Life
To any breathing soul’s life.

I’m curious.