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Photo by Dom J on Pexels.com

The house silent
amplifies every other sound
the hum of the ceiling fan is
a roar
the hiss of the carbonated water bottle
is the crashing of ocean waves
and the bush outside my window
hits the screen like a hailstorm

I will go outside later
when the sun comes up
if it does this morning,
(I’m not sure that is a given anymore)
I will carry the loppers and
take the bush back to its roots
again, as I do each spring

I can do it more permanently
poison the roots
dig them out totally
But something about this dang bush
ignoring my yearly pruning
and growing just high enough
to bang on my window
to tell me it is still here.
Reminding me that life is showing up
again and again
Reminding me that life is growing up
again and again
regardless of who or what

tries to stop you.