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Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on Pexels.com

Voices, voices so many voices
No, they are not telling me to go
and become the next violent media star

Instead, they are more insidious
Do this, they say
and your life will be perfect
with sparkling white walls
showcasing the white sofa and muted dried plants
Or vibrant green house plants, it depends on the filter, of course
and so many voices have their own filter
to make them look, sound better
that I can have this life that looks so pretty in a square
or sounds so wonderful
in the long rectangle with sound on.

Voices, Voices
so many voices
telling me what is wrong in the world and how I can fix it
with a generous cash donation
telling me what is right in the world and how I can obtain it
for five easy payments ending in ninety-nine
the voices know what sounds good to me
what will make me pull out the plastic.

Voices, voices, so many voices

Who knew I could shut them down so easily
By just deleting an app.

The silence is deafening at first
those voices were my friends. you see
at least they claimed they were
but the silence is true
and it points the way to true
and truth, turns out, is free.