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The hopeful words greet
those at the door who love the food
but chafe at the idea
of waiting an hour for it
someone bought the deli
and hope was eternal

I love this place
but chafe at the wait
the wait for peace
for mercy
I am done with being weary of war
and war-mongering
So ready for new management.

I love this place
but the service could use a boost
I could call the manager
Karen that I am
but that would not help
the manager sees these things
as a feature, not a bug
that I want to just pass on by
until the sign comes
Under new management

I love this place
but it has not been maintained
the heat runs all year
and they are always running out of something
It used to be so nice
pristine, even
But now, it’s depleted, run down
used up, as if it would last forever
only to find it was as temporal as we are
So ready to see the new sign

Under new management.