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Let’s be honest, shall we?
Brutally so
I read today that you would like to move
to my town
to my community
and hey, it’s a free country
but I am afraid
that I will never agree with you

Let’s be honest, shall we?
You present yourself as a wannabe
you who have no real-life experience
unless murder and prison counts
which it should
and the court didn’t call it murder
You were just defending yourself
with a powerful weapon
in a place far from home
and it made you a star
and now you want to be a star here
but here is not what you think it is

Let’s be honest, shall we?
We are never going to agree
We will never see eye to eye
about freedoms and rights
and who gets them
about protection, property, and people
and the order of importance there

Let’s be honest, shall we?
I am hoping that this is yet another phase of your
ever so young life
and that you would decide that you
would better learn your trade
and how to be a person
in the professional military
and not the practice one.