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Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

What is more productive, I ask myself
to force out bad work
or take a nap?

This week, I must say
the nap won more times than not
much to the chagrin of my Puritan work ethic
but if I am not a descendent of those pesky Puritans
If my people just got here
in the past ninety years
do I get a pass from
Puritan guilt and
Productivity pressure?

I sure hope so
My people are the people
of long meals with good wine
and tasty food
Followed by leisurely conversation
and a lively card game
(No doubt made more lively by said good wine)

I remember when the Hustle was just a dance
and not the way to catch up
to an economy that left makers–
as though hustling would ever help an artist
catch up to the speed of Wall Street
Art doesn’t work that way
and I am finding that
neither do I.