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Photo by ArtHouse Studio on Pexels.com

Today is My Life, Too!

Those words, pithy on a cute ‘gram post
Today is my life, too.
as opposed to TGIF
Those of us who work Monday to Friday
waiting for those S days
when life can be fun and free
unfettered by the tasks of others
(unless you are working
in retail
in service
in healthcare
in emergency services
or just a mom or woman in general)
But days undefined by others
are held up as
our best lives.
But Today is my life, too!

The pithy quote
but not trite
the wisdom of a young adult
Today is my life, too!
screamed from the balcony watching a sunset
after the work day

What is it about Weekends?
What is it that I will do with all that free time
if I get there to get spend it–
Even ten minutes from now is no guarantee–
What things will I do then
that I can’t do now
in just smaller bites
a little every day
Today is my life, too!