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Photo by Shane Aldendorff on Pexels.com

The change is seismic
but subtle
how a clump of viral matter
can so quickly illuminate what is important
to life
when you still have it
And maybe working for pennies and dimes
is not the ideal way to spend your one amazing life

The change is seismic
but subtle
how a generation can say
first a whisper, a murmur
then louder, with music and poetry slams
then shouts in the streets
and then
the utter silence
They will not show up
to serve the dishes
or wash them
or flip the burgers
or be accused of wasting money
on a lowly avocado
when so much is owed for the education once had
for pennies and dimes

The change is seismic
but subtle
how participation trophies once mocked
mean that no one is left behind
and all are cared for,
all are a part of the whole
and not just the hired help
And no one deserves poor treatment
or to be killed
simply for who they are
winning isn’t everything if you are all alone on the podium

The change is subtle
but seismic.