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Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

You would think that I would be better at waiting
After all, I have had so much practice
I wasn’t part of the instant generation
waiting four to six weeks for my sea monkeys
taught some semblance of delayed gratification

I waited eight weeks for my photos to come
from York Labs
and later, in more modern times
it only took two weeks
from the local photo lab
and then
I could get them in an hour
at the mall
Just like eyeglasses.

I waited for nine months
for babies
and I was definitely more patient waiting
for the second new friend.

Maybe capitalism had a plan
to slowly, steadily
work the delayed gratification out of me
and since it has taken so many many years,
Capitalism has more patience than
I do now.

All this to say that my Amazon package will be late arriving
and I’m ticked.