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actual online position description of Poet.

It’s easy, they say
Compare your resume to the job listing
and you will see if you are qualified
to apply, to seek, to earn an interview

My resume has not one thing
that whispers poet
Much less demonstrate my qualifications for the role
I have nothing to recommend
that I get up with the sun
and send words into the Universe
unfunded, but sincere.

the job is still posted:


Job Summary

Responsible for stringing together words and phrases to create verses. Expresses emotions and tells a story through narrative, dramatic, or lyrical poetry.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Form words into verse to dramatically express emotion.
  • Simplify lengthier stories or condense them into poetry.
  • Choose subject matter and perform extensive research.
  • Draw from personal experiences to create poetry.
  • Take creative writing classes to enhance knowledge.
  • Write copy for publishing companies and advertising agencies.
  • Write verses or sentiments for greeting cards.
  • Perform poetry at open-mic nights or other events.
  • Brainstorm for ideas.
  • Compose eulogies for funerals.
  • Write different types of poetry verse, including odes, haikus, limericks, free verse, blank verse, tankas, narratives, doggerel, enjambment, epitaphs, allegory and cacophony.
  • Select different types of rhythm, including iambic pentameter or free verse.
  • Read up on former and contemporary celebrated poets for reference.
  • Submit poetry to publishing companies.
  • Promote poetry books at event and through PR.
  • Utilize a variety of techniques in poetry including metaphors, similes and onomatopoeia.
  • Experiment with different techniques including repetition, meter and rhyme.
  • Utilize different structures including line, couplet, strophe and stanza.

But the posting

Says nothing about
Staring out the window
Nothing about facing in the direction of surprise*
nor acceptance of what comes from the silence**

And absolutely nothing
about waiting
for the patience that joins time to eternity**
or even the inability to make a tree.

My disqualification is complete and unrepairable.

And yet
I sit,
I stare out the window
I breathe
I hope for surprise
I try to pay attention
and be astonished***

I pray for curiosity
I try to see what I feel, what I see, what I hear
and tell about it.

And I now know
that Poets are not defined by HR Generalists
nor Headhunters
but in the quiet aura
of masters.

*Carrie Fountain
**Wendell Berry
*** Mary Oliver

Of course, better descriptions are available.