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Photo by Torsten Dettlaff on Pexels.com

There are 20 unread messages
on Sunday night
Including one forwarded
from IT.

(I do not get paid a 24/7 salary
yet I offer them my life 24/7?)

Deep breath
I practice my new mantra
“Invoices are not emergencies.
Invoices are not emergencies”

I know, I know
it’s Sunday
Everything will be there tomorrow morning when I am at work.

Just a quick peek,
Because I want them to be happy with me.
Even though they do nothing to make me happy with them.

“Invoices are not emergencies.
Invoices are not emergencies”

The email said
I was not in compliance
I did not log in the new, more secure way.

I press and hold the app down on the home screen
and all the icons do the little wiggle dance —
please not me, don’t delete me,
I’ll be quiet and not take up too much space —
and there
I press the little X
and it’s gone

That was a solvable problem after all.