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Photo by Ann H on Pexels.com

The end of all things
is how Sam and Frodo described
what they saw on the side of Mount Doom.

The end of the Earth
Dr. Who was a bit more specific
there as he explained things to Rose
on her first trip in the Tardis

The end of hopelessness
is the vibe one gets
watching the end of Rogue One
where Jen and Cassian can only
Pass hope on to the next set of heroes
at the end.

The end of common care
unless you are one of us
is the Mad Max version
of ending things

So many movies, stories
about the end
of earth
of the world
of the universe
of civilization

Yet always with an eye
to the end
simply being a new beginning.
Maybe a throwback to the Bible
and the Revelation of the new Heaven and Earth?

Or just eternally optimistic writers
pleading with the universe
to give us one more chance?